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Convenient, Long-Lasting Door Repairs in Camberley

Because we know that a damaged door leaves your home or business open to intruders, we provide fast, high-quality door repairs across the Camberley area. Call anytime you have a problem:

We’re ready to take your call 24 hours a day and can often send you a highly trained and qualified tradesman in 30 minutes. That’s your problem – solved.

What Sort of Door Needs To Be Repaired?

You can rely on us for high-quality fixes for any kind of damage your door might have suffered:

  • Impact damage from people or animals
  • Weather damage
  • Age or general wear and tear

In every case, we make sure that your newly fixed door:

  1. Has been professionally assessed and tested
  2. Provides the same level of security that it provided when brand new
  3. Is not marred aesthetically by any damage it might have suffered
  4. Is replaced if it’s too heavily damaged to be properly restored to full working order

Why Give Us a Call?

  • Any door repair services we carry out for you in Camberley are guaranteed and fully insured to boot
  • Staff are qualified and highly experienced – just the kind of person you need to know that your repairs will be carried out properly
  • No type of door or level of damage should be impossible for us to restore – just tell us about your model and what it’s suffered!
  • A hardworking Quality Assurance team checks out all of the work we do – this means the industry’s finest workmanship has become our standard


Chat With Your Local Specialists – And Book 24/7!

  • Talk to a specialist about the damage your door has suffered at any time – we’re here 24 hours a day
  • Consult with us on site if it’s not an emergency – we can provide an assessment at your property
  • Appointments are on offer throughout the week and at the weekend, making it easy to fit repair work in around your timetable
  • There’s no obligation if all you need is a clear cost estimate – ask for one at any time

Who’ll Be Fixing Your Door in Camberley?

You need tradesmen with the skills and training to deal with any sort of problems that might have cropped up with your door. For this reason, Lans Locksmiths was built around the idea of reliability – trusted professionals with the experience and equipment to fix any issue.

We guarantee and provide insurance coverage for all work we do too, for your peace of mind.