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One Number to Call For New Lock Fitting in Camberley

Need a fresh lock installed to protect any part of your property? This service makes it easy. All new lock fitting we deliver in Camberley is guaranteed and insured – and can happen any day of the week or weekend you need it to. Hassle-free and ideal for protecting any kind of property, call 24/7 to set up your service or get a free quote on a new lock.

What Kind of Fresh Lock Do You Need?

No matter where you’ve sourced your lock, or where you want to source your lock, we can provide the stress-free fitting of:

  • Mechanical locks which require keys to turn
  • Types of lock designed to fit uPVC doors, wooden doors, security doors and many others
  • Locking systems for windows, shed, garages and many other locations
  • Locking devices such as drop bars and deadbolts

It doesn’t matter whether you need to:

  1. Replace an older lock which has fallen off or is too old or broken to be repaired
  2. Fit a new lock to a property which hasn’t been protected until now
  3. Design an entirely new security solution for a property of any size

Why Give Us a Call?

  • Make sure that your newly installed lock is protected for a period six months after fitting
  • All locksmiths completing work for us in Camberley are fully qualified and certified
  • We fit locks made by all of the industry’s leading-name manufacturers and suppliers
  • Your insurance company will ask about the BS3621 standard on locks – it’s the one we work to

Contact Us To Get a New Lock Fitted in Camberley

  • Get helpful customer support and access our booking facilities at any time of the day or night
  • Get us to come and talk to you and view your property without obligation
  • Final fitting appointments are on offer seven days a week
  • Get us over quickly if it’s a real emergency – thirty minutes is our standard response time!

Who’ll Deliver Your Service?

Fitting a new lock in Camberley, or anywhere else, needs to be done by a fully qualified professional locksmith. At Lans Locksmiths we know how important this is, so that’s the only kind of expert we’ll ever send to you. All work is covered by full insurance and guarantee of course, but it’s the trained skills of our team which are your real surety of quality.