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Get help regaining access to any kind of vehicle. Get an expert sent out to you within the hour. And count on the quality of work which we provide to last long into the future. Every vehicle locksmith we have in Camberley has the skills and experience to deal with locks of all kinds, both old-fashioned key-in-lock and modern electronically-controlled.

One call is all it takes – and we’re here 24/7 to help you.

Helping You Access Your Vehicle

Simply give us a call and count on getting the expertise you need to open:

  • Cars, motorbike ignitions, vans, trucks and any other type of vehicle
  • Older manually locking systems
  • Newer systems which usually involve electronic controls of some kind

In all cases, we provide a fast acting service which makes sure that:

  1. There’s no damage to your vehicle at any point
  2. The right method is used to address the right lock – this means manual picking methods for mechanical systems
  3. A new key can be cut, electronic fob reprogrammed or blank prepared for use whenever required
  4. Fast access in an emergency – we can use force to open your vehicle as an ultimate last resort

Why Give Us a Call?

  • We provide a full guarantee for all work as standard – this lasts for six months after your service is finished
  • All of our auto locksmiths are fully qualified professionals to ensure you get the best possible service
  • There’s no trouble – and no type of vehicle or locking system – that we can’t deal with
  • The BS3621 standard on locks – which we always meet – is required by insurance companies

How to Get the Help You Need

  • Pick up your phone and dial 24 hours a day – there’ll always be someone here to take your call
  • Ask for a free quote first without any commitment
  • Non-emergency and emergency bookings are available seven days a week
  • Short notice appointments are on offer! Call and get an expert sent in response often within thirty minutes

Who Are Our Emergency Auto Locksmiths in Camberley?

Every vehicle locksmith delivering our services in Camberley can be trusted to get the job done right. Why? Because:

  • They’re highly trained and experienced
  • Full insurance cover and guarantee protect their work
  • All staff are thoroughly vetted
  • ID badges and uniforms make them easy to spot