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Call Now For Broken Key Removal in Camberley

We can send you a specialist locksmith within the hour! Simply pick up your phone and we’ll have an expert with you at short notice. Broken key removal, wherever you are in Camberley, will be easy for this expert. They’ll have everything required to treat your lock, cut you a new key if needed and generally return access to your property to you without further hassle.

What We Can Do To Help You

No matter what the precise problem is with your key being trapped in your lock, we can assist you. We’ll be there for you when:

  • Your key has broken off and will not come out
  • When your key has snapped outside of your lock
  • When your key isn’t broken in two but has become misshapen or bent and no longer works

The methods we use will depend on the problem, but:

  1. We’ll never cause any damage to your lock or your door
  2. Any part of a key can be extracted without difficulty
  3. A new key can be cut on the spot

Why Should You Come To Us?

  • Get a guarantee alongside all work that you have done which protects you for half a year afterwards
  • Specially trained professionals ensure you have ready access to the expertise you need – just ask a question on the spot if you have one
  • We deal with locks made by all manufacturers and fitted to almost any kind of door that you might have
  • The broken key extraction services we provide in Camberley meet the BS3621 British Standard

Book the Snapped Key Removal Service You Need in Camberley

  • Friendly and helpful customer support is provided 24/7 – call anytime you need to book a service or ask a question
  • Ask for a free quote at your convenience – there’s no commitment to using us afterwards
  • If IT IS an emergency, we can be there in around thirty minutes if you need us to be
  • If IT’S NOT an emergency, choose any day of the week or weekend for an appointment

Who Are Our Expert Locksmiths?

The Lans Locksmiths team was designed to provide highly trained professional locksmiths wherever you need them in Camberley. Fully insured and backed by a guarantee, these qualified specialists are standing by to assist you whenever you need them. Count on expert assistance which provides the skills and experience you need for almost any type of lock and any kind of trouble you might be having with it.